Stuart Lodge Ladies Night 2019

In October 2019 Stuart Lodge celebrated its first Ladies Night in 10 years. As Freemasons, we rely greatly on the sufferance of our wives and partners to allow us to enjoy our Masonry on a regular basis and the Ladies Night is our way of thanking them. As well as celebrating the principles that Family is the most important thing to any Freemason.

We gathered at the Barns Hotel in Cardington for a Comedy and Salsa Themed evening. After a wonderful three-course meal, and a fair amount of lubrication, the event started to take a more energetic tone as we were treated to a Salsa lesson and dancing. The entire venue was jumping around the dance floor with great enthusiasm from start to finish.

Amongst the outcomes of the evening was the fact that a great number of people got involved in something that they had not tried before. In addition, the Lodge managed to support a number of charities through raffles and various games over the course of the evening. In total, the evening raised hundreds of pounds for our charities, as well as raising more than a few headaches when the revellers finally surfaced the following morning!

The success of the evening was clear and we are already planning our next Ladies Night for 2020.