Welcome to Freemasonry in Bedford

Maybe you remember the series on television entitled ‘Inside the Freemasons’ and would like to know more? If so, then on behalf of the Freemasons of Stuart Lodge No. 540 here in Kempston, we thank you for taking the time to pay us a visit, and this is a good place to start.

Please stay a while and read the information and follow the links available, especially if you are a non-mason looking to find out more, with a view to becoming a Freemason yourself. If so, then you can get in touch via our Contact page.

This site has a two-fold purpose. Firstly, we hope all of you interested in joining Freemasonry will find more information here, and ask questions like, ‘what is Freemasonry?’, ‘how do I join Freemasonry?’, ‘who do I contact for information on Freemasonry?’ etc; and secondly, for those already members of Stuart Lodge, then it is a place for the brethren to quickly and easily find all those pieces of information when they want them!

We hope you enjoy your visit here, and leave with your questions answered, and hopefully feeling Freemasonry is ‘something for you’ to become a part of.

Non-Masons say ‘Freemasonry is for me’

An independent report into the future of Freemasonry revealed that half the non-Masonic male population want to know more about their local Lodges, whilst half of these would consider joining, so I guess that’s why you are here reading this!

Amongst reasons given are the idea of belonging to a community based and charitable group being the foremost.

Here in The Province of Bedfordshire we have approximately 1,750 members, meeting in 55 Lodges, at the six Masonic Centres in the county. Of these, 25 lodges are linked back to the Stuart Lodge, showing only too well the strong connection a lot of lodges in the Province have back to Stuart.

Freemasonry is open to men of mature age, and any race or religion who are of good reputation, have no criminal convictions, and who declare a belief in a supreme being. If you do not know a Freemason but would like to know more, you will find links and ways to contact us on this site.

Freemasonry is a very charitable organisation. Freemasons donate (among others) to The Royal College of Surgeons, to help fund the College’s successful surgical research fellowship scheme, which supports surgeons to undertake various surgical research projects, typically in areas like joint replacement, stroke prevention, reconstructive surgery and other important areas. People don’t realise that The Royal College of Surgeons do not receive any money from Government or the NHS for this work, all their funds for research and training come entirely from private sources.

Freemasonry also supports lots of local charities too, like Air Ambulance, McMillan Nurses, MS, etc, etc.

Freemasonry is to be enjoyed, and like everything else in life, the more you put in then the more you will get out!

There is always a range of social events being run throughout the year, from barbecues in someone’s garden, to a full formal black tie dinner in London, and all shades in between. Sometimes these are organised by individual lodges member’s, or by other lodges, or even by Province itself. So there is a very active social side as well, and a lot of these are open to non-masons too, so you can bring along your family and friends for a very nice day, or evening out.

Henry Stuart MP, the first Master.

Banner of the Stuart Lodge, consecrated in November 1847.

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