Chapter Officers

Royal Arch Chapter Officers

First Principlal

Z – The leader of the Chapter elected by the brethren, in many respects the MD or CEO of a business.

Second Principal

H – Assists Z in keeping order in the Chapter, and to close the Chapter.

Third Principal

J – Assists Z in keeping order in the Chapter, and is responsible for the admission of visitors.


Scribe E – In many ways very similar to a secretary of a small business. A hinge pin to ensure the smooth running of the Chapter affairs both in and out of the Chapter Temple.


Scribe N – To work in conjunction with the Janitor, to ensure that the Chapter is properly secured against intruders.


Treasurer – The Financial Officer or banker of the Chapter.

Director of Ceremonies

Director of Ceremonies – To regulate the ceremonies and keep an eye on the working of the ritual.


Almoner – To distribute alms where necessary and generally attend to the welfare of those in sickness or distress.

Charity Steward

Charity Steward – To promote and cement the support of the Brethren of the Lodge for our Charities.

Principal Sojourner

Principal Sojourner – To prepare any new candidate for admission, and to work with the three Principals in the ceremony.

Assistant Sojourner

1st Asst. Sojourner – To assist the Principal Sojourner.

Assistant Sojourner

2nd Asst. Sojourner – To assist the Principal Sojourner.

Assistant Director of Ceremonies

Asst. Director of Ceremonies – To assist the Director of Ceremonies in the discharge of his duties.


Organist – To provide appropriate music during the course of the meetings.

Assistant Scribe E

Asst. Scribe E – To assist the Scribe E in the discharge of his duties.


Steward – To assist the other officers in performing their duties and to ensure the best is provided for the comfort of the brethren.


Janitor – To ensure all necessary precautions have been taken to prevent the approach and entrance of unauthorised persons.

Past First Principal

Immediate Past Z– The previous Z, and is considered the guide, philosopher, and friend of his successor to the Z chair of the Chapter.

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