New Members’ Beer and Curry Night

As part of joining Stuart and Freemasonry we like to not only welcome you into our Lodge but also into our social circle. Early in 2020, we got some of our new joiners and a future initiate together for an evening of craft beer and good curry.

Starting in Brewhouse microbrewery in Bedford High Street we got happily involved in trying a number of different beers with a firm favourite being the flight of beer. Being able to sample three at a time might have contributed to a bit of bravery late on when faced with the excessively spicy menu in the curry house.

The curry house chosen was the Royal Ghurka in Bedford. True to form one person tried to get everyone to play a game of “curry roulette”, a game which involves everyone ordering then eating whatever is put in front of them, before ordering the hottest dish on the menu. Sensibly no-one elected to play and the idiot among us clearly suffered from his daft ideas!

As part of the evening, the new joiner and candidate were given all the information needed to ensure they were comfortable with what was happening and we welcomed them to Stuart just a few weeks later.