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Stuart540 building

Meals & Attendance – Craftsquare-and-compasses-200


Fanned Melon; Lasagne; Peas, New Potatoes; Cheese cake; Tea/Coffee; Cheese & Biscuits and Mints.


Fish or Omelette.

Please advise the Senior Steward of your dining intentions by at least 10 days prior to the meeting, or meals cannot be provided, and/or if you are inviting guests. Dietary requirements should also be advised from the Alternative Menu. If cancellations are made after the above times, members (visitors) will be charged for meals in the event of non-attendance. 

If paying by cheque then please make it out to the lodge and not the caterers, thank you.

Dining Fee for this meeting is: £22.

 Please book your meal(s) and attendance using this form:


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