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 Craft – List of Officerssquare-and-compasses-200

c015kwm_md   Worshipful Master – The leader of the Lodge elected by the brethren, in many respects the MD or CEO of a business is probably a good description.

c015ksw_md   Senior Warden – Assists the Master in keeping order in the Lodge, and to close the Lodge.

c015kjw_md        Junior Warden – Assists the Master in keeping order in the Lodge, and is responsible for the admission of visitors.

c015kch_md    Chaplain – To give the appropriate prayers when required, and generally to remind the brethren of their obligation to the three grand principles on which the order is founded.

c015ktr_md      Treasurer – The Financial Officer, or banker of the Lodge.

c015kse_md    Secretary – In many ways very similar to a secretary of a small business.  A hinge pin to ensure the smooth running of the lodge affairs both in and out of the Lodge Temple.

c015kdc_md    Director of Ceremonies – To regulate the ceremonies and keep an eye on the working of the ritual.

c015kal_md    Almoner – To distribute alms where necessary and generally attend to the welfare of those in sickness or distress.

c015kcs_md    Charity Steward – To promote and cement the support of the Brethren of the Lodge for our Charities.

mentor    Lodge Mentor – To provide help and support to all the brethren of the Lodge, but especially the new brethren so they are not left alone during meetings.

c015kde_md    Senior Deacon – The special messenger of the Worshipful Master.

c015kde_md    Junior Deacon – The special messenger of the Senior Warden.

c015kadc_md    Asst. Director of Ceremonies – To assist the Director of Ceremonies in the discharge of his duties.

c015kor_md   Organist – To provide appropriate music during the course of the meetings.

c015kas_md   Asst. Secretary – To assist the Secretary in the discharge of his duties.

c015kig_md    Inner Guard – To work in conjunction with the Tyler, to ensure that the Lodge is properly secured against intruders.

c015kst_md - Copy  Steward – To assist the other officers in performing their duties and to ensure the best is provided for the comfort of the brethren.

c015kty_md - Copy      Tyler – To ensure all necessary precautions have been taken to prevent the approach and entrance of unauthorised persons.

m-w-Fcb3nAaGKGFyTlDFNYA Immediate Past Master – The previous Master, and is considered the guide, philosopher, and friend of his successor to the Chair of the Lodge.